Love For Wits - Most Adept Intelligent Dating Site for Smart or Witty People

What is *the* best site if you are really into dating smart people online?  As of late, you were  stuck between drab Brainiac and that English site for Mensa-level humans, or else you were bravely fishing in the nerd ponds.  Only now, there's a new player on the scene.  Thank God!  And here is a unique viewpoint on this Love For Wits place by a blogger who hates dating sites in general and finds them "sleazy":

"What do I mean by "sleaze"? It's the LOUD feel to the sites themselves, as if I'm watching a slick advert put on by Dow Chemical or BP or some corporation equally abominable. Plenty of Fish is a bit more sedate in terms of appearance (though tacky!), but based on feedback from friends it should be renamed "Plenty of Fools" (or F**K Heads, depending on who you talk to); and though it's hearsay, the horror tales regarding yet another icky dating site, e-Harmony, convinced me to run screaming."

But she goes on to say:

"An associate of mine recently introduced me to another dating site, and naturally I thought, oh yeah, right, but the name, Love For Wits, attracted me, and after I clicked to their home page I got a good laugh at their tag line: YES, THERE IS INTELLIGENT LIFE ON EARTH AND IT'S ON LOVE FOR WITS.COM SEARCHING FOR OTHER INTELLIGENT LIFE. This pulled me in. I can't resist something different, apparently intelligent, and amusing at the same time; and for a dating site, this was RADICAL. How dare they attempt to separate themselves from the greater mass of humanity!"

More on this here.

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